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Here’s Why We’re Your Only Choice for Precision Milling Tools in South Africa

Whether you are milling flat surfaces, gears, slots or shoulders, you need the best quality and most durable, rugged milling tools that are up for the challenge. This is exactly what you get when you buy from us. Our state of the art milling tools are designed to go the distance, and to give you a competitive edge while helping your workshop to stay productive.

We bring decades of combined experience to the industry, which we use to help you make informed purchase decisions. Our products catalogue includes tools, inserts, automation, ball screws and customised services. The customised services offer is of particular value, since we service an eclectic array of clients scattered across numerous industries.

It’s because of this that we learned early on we won’t be able to follow a one size fits all approach, and who wants to do that anyway? So let us come up with a unique solution to your milling tools needs, and tap into our expertise to make it happen for you. Your business is unique, and so is its milling tools needs. We know that, and we deliver the solutions you need.


Maintain the Competitive Edge with Tailored Milling Tools

When you work with us, you have direct access to a full range of milling tools, turning tool holders, end mills and high speed drills, among many other products. We’ve worked hard to curate a broad catalogue of products and services capable of meeting the needs of the modern South African business.

Our buyers keep their fingers on the industry’s pulse, in order to ensure we bring the very latest technologies and solutions to the marketplace. There’s also no need to break the bank to afford the latest milling tools, as we’re well-known for keeping our rates competitive.

Contact us to learn more about our milling tools, inserts, automation and customised services and solutions. To learn more about customised milling, turning and tooling solutions, and to discuss your needs in greater detail, contact us today. We look forward to working with you.


Fast Cut Tooling and Supplies have combined over 50 years of in-house machining expertise in all the related fields


We Introduce a New Standard in Lathe Cutting Tools in South Africa

After more than three decades of involvement within the precision engineering sector, we started Fast Cut Tooling and Supplies in 2014, bringing with us decades of industry expertise and experience. Today, our company has grown into a leader in the sector, we continue to deliver the excellent customer care and expert solutions our customers have come to expect from us.

We operate in the same business as our customers, having numerous drilling and milling machines, CNC machines and lathe cutting tools in our workshop. This also helps us to stay in tune with the needs of the industry, and helps us to relate on a more visceral level to the demands our customers face.

With this insight and our unmatched experience to guide us, we stay one step ahead in anticipating the needs our customers face. We understand the need to keep costs on consumables such as inserts and tools to a minimum, while also getting the very best returns on these investments. It’s because of this, among many other reasons, that we only source from the very best suppliers in the industry.

Choose Quality and Durable Lathe Cutting Tools in South Africa

We have a team dedicated to continually looking at every item on our stock list, to ensure that we are only supplying the finest quality products and most cutting edge solutions available on the market. This, coupled with the backup of our dedicated customer service excellence means that you always receive the best solutions when dealing with us.

What’s more, we are also proud of supplying our own brand of tools and inserts, available in all shapes and sizes. With our stamp of quality on these products, you are sure to get the very best returns on your investment.

These are only a few of the many reasons why we remain at the top of the lathe cutting tools sector in South Africa, and why we are the supplier of choice for so many companies. Contact us to discuss your needs in greater detail, and for expert advice on all your needs.

Meet Our Team

At Fast Cut we believe in people. Our business model is built around enthusiastic people that share our passion and dreams.

Fast Cut - Meet The Team

(Sales and Marketing / Technical Director)

Entrepreneur and Managing Director of the associated company JJV Engineering Etienne has over 14 years’ experience in the precision engineering industry.

He acts as the specialist technical advisor for sales personnel on all tools and inserts.

Fast Cut also provides a consulting service where Etienne may spend a day at your firm to assess your operations and make recommendations regarding effective tool management and the use of the correct inserts for your applications.

Fast Cut - Meet The Team

(Managing Director)

Entrepreneur and professional mechanical engineer with 18 years’ experience Johnny is looking after the day to day management activities of Fast Cut.

He is responsible for the implementation of systems and procedures to ensure proper management of all activities minimizing lead times for the benefit of our clients.

Responsibilities include procurement, imports and exports, stock management, financial management and general control within the company.

Fast Cut - Meet The Team

(Managing Director)

Karabo is our Sales and Marketing Administrator ensuring that professionalism and the company values are being represented in all our interactions with clients. She is assisting with daily operations and is responsible for local and international purchases.

Karabo is responsible for the weekly and monthly marketing campaigns. She is furthermore responsible for stock levels and stores management making sure that we always have fast moving stock available and on hand.

Her professionalism and enthusiastic nature represents everything Fast Cut is based on. With Karabo you will always feel welcome as she guarentees customer service.

Fast Cut - Meet The Team

(Technical Director)

As mentioned in our company profiles all products are being tested in our own engineering fabrication shop to ensure good quality products. Jacques is responsible for testing the products and providing feedback to clients when necessary.

Jacques has over 10 years’ experience with CNC programming and general machining. Fast Cut also provides a service of customized fabricated tools where Jacques will take the lead.

Fast Cut - Meet The Team

(Sales and Marketing Manager)

Ashley is our sales and marketing manager and will head up the team of sales representatives ensuring that professionalism and the company values are being represented in all our interactions with clients.

His professionalism and enthusiastic nature represents everything Fast Cut is based on. Ashley and his team will be the face of Fast Cut at all our clients ensuring that we give the best possible customer service.

Fast Cut - Meet The Team

(Operations Manager)

With over 12 years’ experience within the engineering industry working for Fluor South Africa, we are privilege to have Karin on board as our operations manager responsible for day to day activities, procurement, stock management, quotations, invoicing, costing etc.

Karin supports to the sales personnel ensuring that they have the necessary information readily available at any time.

Fast Cut - Meet The Team

(Financial Manager)

Pierre Potgieter (AFS Accounting) is our accountant and financial adviser. Piere is responsible for book keeping, financial statements, debtors and creditors.

With years of experience Pierre always ensure that sound financial principles are being applied in all aspects of our business.



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